Updates · 29. April 2018
So far, I manage to post daily on Instagram and it appears to be the most effective way to communicate in today's market. I've reached A LOT more people in there than anywhere else, so it's also quite fun for me as I read a lot more feedback and reach people from all around the world in one place. News here will be more sparse, obviously, but I'll make sure to do a quick summary of "what's going on" every now and then. So, what's going on? Well, I've had less and less time to work on new music...
Updates · 16. March 2018
A bit late to the party, but you can now follow Above the Snow Line (above_the_snow_line) on Instagram.
Updates · 05. February 2018
WORLDWIDE RELEASE - FEBRUARY 9TH 2018 Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Microsoft, Napster, eMusic, Vodafone, Fido, SFR, OVI Music, YouTube Red, Juke, O2, Shazam and hundreds more...
Updates · 02. February 2018
Hello again! Here are the lyrics for the first 11 songs of "The End Is... Soon Enough". Click "read more" to get the high res booklet.
Updates · 23. January 2018
"The End Is... Soon Enough (part 1&2)" will be available on all major music streaming/downloading platforms soon enough... Here's the official cover! Stay tuned!