So far, I manage to post daily on Instagram and it appears to be the most effective way to communicate in today's market. I've reached A LOT more people in there than anywhere else, so it's also quite fun for me as I read a lot more feedback and reach people from all around the world  in one place.

News here will be more sparse, obviously, but I'll make sure to do a quick summary of "what's going on" every now and then.


So, what's going on?

Well, I've had less and less time to work on new music during the past weeks but "The End Is... Soon Enough" part 3 is almost complete. Everything has been recorded, the tracklist is pretty much final and I think I'm happy with the results. I'm currently working on mixing the vocals and adding effects on different instruments. The next step will be to work on stereo effects / panning and a bunch of minor adjustments. So yes, it's still very much on track for a summer release! Honestly, those tracks have been cooked for so long, I can't wait to work on the too many new songs waiting for me to record.


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